Xceedance Risk Data Platform

The Xceedance Risk Data Platform is an AI-powered, model-agnostic solution, enriched with extensive insurance expertise. It proficiently manages the complexities of locations presented in various third-party formats, including Schedule of Values (SOV), programs, and bordereaux, across a range of business lines.

  • ~30% improvement in process efficiency
  • ~60% decrease in manual effort due to auto-mapping
  • ~40% reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT)
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The Xceedance Advantage

Facilitating a digitized ecosystem for efficient underwriting and comprehensive data flow management

Our Risk Data Platform, leveraging proprietary technology and specialized domain knowledge and specializing in data cleansing language, streamlines the ingestion and management of data. It offers a consolidated source for exposure analysis and risk assessment, enabling a quicker quoting process.

  • Establishes a global exposure repository
  • Transforms raw data into standardized format
  • Provides quick underwriter summary and visualization upon submission
  • Leverages 100+ data validation rules developed by Xceedance experts
  • Offers a model-flexible platform with API compatibility for third-party integrations

How the Xceedance Risk Data Platform Works

Proven Value

Enhanced Speed to Market

The platform’s rapid data processing capabilities lead to a higher number of pre-bind quotes, increasing policy issuance within a given timeframe.

Model Agnostic Engine

A uniquely-built, configurable framework with rules to map captured exposure to any format, promoting interoperability and efficiency.

Seamless Workflow Management

For simpler risks, enables automated data pipelines — from ingestion to exposure data visualization, and for more complex risks, ensures human intervention is seamless.

Case in Point

Discover our case study detailing how the Xceedance Risk Data Platform significantly improved a global specialty insurer’s data management capabilities:

  • Saved over 4,725 hours of resource time through automation, from data ingestion to cleansing and validation.
  • Created a centralized repository of 2200 insureds across 2 million risk locations.
  • Accelerated the speed-to-quote process, contributing to substantial growth.

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