AI Solutions Suite

Infuse your insurance lifecycle with proven, high-ROI AI solutions for a competitive edge.
  • ~80% operational efficiencies in the submission process
  • 25% reduction in loss ratios through accurate claim predictions
  • 50X faster information retrieval from unstructured claims documents

Our Capabilities

Underwriting AI

  • Location Intelligence: Utilize geospatial data to assess risk and determine appropriate coverage levels.
  • Property Data Analytics: Analyze property characteristics and historical data to refine underwriting accuracy.
  • Risk Appetite Analysis: Align underwriting practices with the company‚Äôs risk tolerance to make informed decisions.
  • Loss Modeling and Scenario Analysis: Predict potential losses under different scenarios to set competitive and sustainable pricing strategies.

Insurance Operations AI

  • Contact Center Analytics: Leverage AI to enhance customer service efficiency and accuracy by analyzing interactions and predicting needs.
  • Submission Triage: Automate the triage process to quickly and accurately prioritize incoming submissions.
  • Premium Forecasting: Use predictive models to forecast premium revenue, enabling better financial planning and management.

Claims AI

  • Fraud Analytics: Detect and prevent fraudulent claims through advanced data analysis and pattern recognition.
  • Propensity Modeling: Predict the likelihood of claims events to manage risks proactively.
  • Claims Validation: Streamline the validation process to ensure accurate and efficient claims handling.

Actuarial AI

  • Capital Modeling: Enhance capital allocation strategies with precise risk assessments.
  • State Filings: Simplify and ensure compliance with state-specific regulatory requirements.
  • Business Planning: Align actuarial insights with business goals to support strategic planning and market positioning.

Operationalizing AI Across the Insurance Value Chain

Generative AI

Employs Large Language Model capabilities to understand and generate human language.

Analytics AI

Scans vast volumes of data for dependencies and patterns to produce recommendations and insights.

Functional AI

Identifies patterns and dependencies in data, including IoT data, to act accordingly.

Interactive AI

Automates and contextualizes communication with insurance agents without compromising interactivity.

Statistical Analytics

Builds predictive models based on statistical algorithms to forecast or estimate outcomes based on data trends.

Optimization Modeling

Uses operational research and advanced analytical models to find the best algorithms for decision-making.

The Xceedance Advantage

Xceedance AI solutions leverage cutting-edge technology and deep insurance domain expertise to deliver impactful, real-world results.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: One-stop shop for integrating AI across the insurance value chain.
  • Swift Proof of Concept: Demonstrable value with 6-8 week proofs of concept.
  • Customizable Offerings: Tailored AI solutions for specific re/insurance needs.
  • Interactive and Trusted: Intuitive UI paired with expert services.
  • Industry-Leading Technology: State-of-the-art solutions powered by AI, ML, IoT, and more.

Turnkey Solutions

Powered by Generative AI, NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Spatial Data Science, and Operations Research
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