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Enjoy faster turnaround times and more satisfied policyholders
  • 98% service quality score with our new operating procedures
  • 25% efficiency improvement with automated bordereau processing
  • 70% cost reduction through improved business processes

Xceedance Policy Services

Xceedance policy services support the entire policy lifecycle – from binding to policy issuance, premium billing, endorsements, and renewals – giving clients faster turnaround times and a competitive edge. Our experts are ready to address your challenges with the latest technology-enabled solutions available in the market, including automation via RPA, AI, and machine learning.


Mid-Term Endorsements

Analyze, manage, and automate policy changes, amendments, additions, or deletions for mid-term endorsements.

Renewal Management

Mitigate exposures and manage renewals, including renewal solicitations and non-renewal notices.

Forms Management

Manage forms for every geographical and environmental region and line of business, including endorsements, policy wording, and schedules.

Quote & Bind

Simplify operations and processes to pre-screen insureds effectively, enable faster generation of quotes, and optimize binding and billing.

Submission Clearance

Extract information from disparate submission requests in a structured format to increase submission to quote ratio and improve pricing outcomes.

Digital Policy Services

Leverage our insurance and technology knowledge to issue more policies in less time – doing more business and creating more profitability.

Xceedance Policy Services

“Expertise with a variety of industry systems and platforms by Xceedance was instrumental in our ability to prepare and issue policies — and support our policyholders — during our aggressive expansion in the United States.”

Marketing Vice President
Global commercial & specialty carrier
Marketing Vice President
Global commercial & specialty carrier

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