MGA Agility Suite

Effectively capture and serve target market segments

  • Bolster underwriting capacity
  • Leverage our nationally licensed MGA
  • Improve speed to market
  • Adopt next-generation technologies
  • Reduce operating expenses

Why MGA Agility Suite?

Xceedance offers a platform tailored to you that combines policy-administration capabilities with underwriting, distribution, communications, and business insights/reporting functionalities. By integrating with third-party resources, including insurance data providers, payment gateways, and document generation services, the platform enables your team to write more business efficiently and profitably. MGA Agility Suite can deploy on the cloud for superior performance.


Platform Integration

Drive speed-to-market, scalability, and continuous innovation while reducing the total cost of ownership with a single, unified solution for integrating technology products across the insurance value chain.

Technology Integration

Digitize and reinforce end-to-end processes to future-proof your core operations by tapping into proven technology frameworks, proprietary tools, leading commercial-off-the-shelf platforms, and expert services.

MGA Facility Services

Our licensed MGA provides marginal start-up costs, accelerated speed to market, a fully integrated policy management platform, and operational services to support your MGA from day one

Data Integration

Accelerate your data-to-insights lifecycles by leveraging our proven methodology to migrate data from legacy systems to next-generation platforms and applications, while ensuring superior data quality, enrichment, and governance.

Operations Services

Gain strategic operation support across the insurance lifecycle, from insurance operations, underwriting support, and CAT modeling to actuarial, policy services, business insights, and reporting, claims, and finance and accounting.

MGA Agility Suite

“Xceedance MGA Agility Suite empowers us with highly automated workflows and a streamlined policy lifecycle, boosting organizational efficiency, enhancing policy buying experience, and lowering operating costs for us and our intermediary partners.”

MGA Managing Director
London-based MGA
MGA Managing Director
London-based MGA

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