Xceedance Digital Solutions

Our cost-effective turnkey implementation services, high-quality support, and governance enable you to adopt leading-edge technologies with zero business disruption and seamless change management. We’ll partner with you to build digital-first, forward-looking solutions that you can access online at any time to deliver superior productivity, cost optimization, and policyholder experience across the insurance lifecycle.


Xceedance Digital Solutions



Digital Underwriting Assistant

Customer-centric, AI-driven digital assistant that boosts the customer experience and increases operational efficiency across policyholder and broker touchpoints.

Smart Clearance

Combine the power of AI, machine learning, and RPA/API to automate submission ingestion, sanctions checking, and submission clearance, reducing handling time by nearly 60%.

Virtual Assistant

Chatbot solution that enables self-service, hyper-contextualized conversations over digital channels for quick resolution of customer queries.

Digital Workflow Management

Benefit from a configurable and scalable low-code platform that automates workflow management to help improve organizational productivity and reduce costs.

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Leverage intelligent technologies

Utilize advanced analytics

Enable frictionless solutions

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Cash Reconciliation Platform

Xceedance Cash Reconciliation Platform: A Digital-First Solution to Streamline Insurance Operations