Digital Workflow Management

Improve productivity with our business process modeling and notation solution.

At Xceedance, we can address critical workflow management challenges, with greater visibility and business agility, better turnaround times, and in-depth, actionable data insights. From reduced cost and improved compliance to increased process standardization and superior productivity, we drive continuous process improvement.

Discover how DWM can benefit your organization.


Primary Functions

Automate the management of tasks, allocations, reviews, queries, audits, SLAs/TATs, and data analytics

Auxiliary Functions

Gain a 360° view of the broker and insured, streamline search, diary, help and knowledge management, and enable chat/messenger capabilities


Simplify party and business process management across the organization and streamline forms, rules, and master reference data management


Tap into leading-edge business process management capabilities, and gain a rules engine, a communication engine, and the ability for mail triaging


Integrate your digital workflow management with your core insurance business to enhance operational efficiency.