Data & Insights

Turning complex data into strategic assets with our offerings in data engineering, data visualization, and data strategy & governance tailored for re/insurers, MGAs, and brokers.

  • 60% faster data ingestion, integration & accessibility
  • 50% reduced critical reporting cycle time
  • 25% lower data and analytics infrastructure costs

Why Choose Xceedance?

Leverage Xceedance data and insights services to transform your insurance operations into a data-driven powerhouse, where every data point is an opportunity for market leadership and innovation.

  • Leverage our consulting services to build a futuristic data strategy and roadmap and address modern-day data challenges.
  • Ensure superior data quality, integration, and analytics with Xceedance insurance and technical expertise.
  • Accelerate your data transformation journey using our proprietary data ingestion framework.
  • Ensure robust data security and regulatory compliance with the Xceedance data governance framework.
  • Empower decision making with persona-driven data insights using pre-built KPIs and dashboards.
Data & Insights

Transforming Data into Strategic Assets

Our capabilities ensure that data integration, quality, and management drive operational efficiency and strategic insights.
Data Integration

Data Integration

Utilize our proprietary P&C insurance data model and advanced data pipelines for seamless integration of core insurance functions across systems.

Data Quality

Data Quality/Curation

Enhance data accuracy and reliability with our Data Quality Framework, tailored to prevent costly inaccuracies in insurance decision-making.

Real Time Data - Event Tracking

Real-time Data and Events Tracking

Leverage cutting-edge technologies for real-time data reporting and dashboards, enabling swift and informed decisions in the fast-paced insurance market.

Scalability & Performance

Scalability and Performance

Build scalable data platforms with the latest cloud technologies (Azure, AWS, GCP) and modern-day platforms like Databricks, Data Fabric and Snowflake.

Cloud Migration

On-premise to Cloud Migration

Ensure seamless transition from legacy systems to modern cloud platforms, maintaining data integrity and minimizing disruption during migration.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Accelerate your migration journey and tackle data complexities using our robust data migration framework that addresses data integrity, security, and compliance challenges.

Insurtech Insights

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