Data & Analytics

Delivering Data Value: From Insurance Triage to Portfolio Excellence

  • 45% reduction in data processing time
  • 50%-80% increase in operational efficiency for submission management
  • 1.5x faster time to quote and effective real-time portfolio management
  • 800+ experts across exposure management, catastrophe analysis, actuarial, data science, AI, research, technology, and data engineering

Why choose Xceedance?

We offer data-driven solutions tailored to insurers, reinsurers, brokers, and MGAs, enabling them to transform data into actionable insights and fostering sustainable growth.

  • Establish a unified data repository for precise risk assessment, empowering underwriters for informed decision-making.
  • Streamline critical processes — from risk selection to claims, minimize premium leakage, and enhance the policyholder experience.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into business operations, facilitating proactive decision-making for market differentiation and innovation.

Data and analytics capabilities elevated by our insurance-only focus

Actuarial Services

Actuarial Services

Excel in insurance planning, measure and manage risk proactively, and optimize your pricing, reserving, and ratemaking strategies.

CAT and Exposure Management

Catastrophe & Exposure Management

Ensure accurate risk pricing and maintain a real-time portfolio through our efficient process guidelines and real-time analytics, covering both natural and non-catastrophic perils.


Data & Insights

Harness our expertise in data engineering, visualization, strategy, and governance to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights.

Data Analytics

AI & Advanced Analytics

Operationalize AI and in-depth insights across the insurance lifecycle, going beyond pure-play insurtech implementations.


Data & Modeling Products

Adopt high-ROI, easy-to-deploy products and platforms that enhance your insurance processes to build a competitive advantage.

Insurtech Insights

Our latest thinking and case studies

DC Case Study Thumbnail
Case Study

U.S.-based Specialty Insurer Realizes 50% Time Savings

Xceedance deployed a risk model platform, delivering significant savings, including 100% elimination of manual activities in results interpretation and communication with underwriters.

Case Study _Thumbnail
Case study

E&S Carrier Expands Into All 50 States

With Xceedance involvement in developing, filing, implementing, reporting, and monitoring products, the client achieved better than anticipated speed to market.

Case Study

Data Cleansing and Enrichment for Insurance Companies

Xceedance delivers a leading-edge, graded data cleansing solution for a global insurance provider, reducing data processing time by 45%.

Duck Creek implementation
Case study

U.S. Program Administrator Secures New Capacity

Learn how a program administrator partnered with Xceedance to better engage carriers and reinsurers using solid data-backed studies.

Reinsurance News

Xceedance On-Demand Catastrophe Modeling Services to Support Reinsurers During Renewals

By utilizing the platforms licensed by reinsurers, Xceedance can provide experienced catastrophe modeling resources to help augment their capacity.

AT Press Release

Transforming Insurance Through Generative AI

Amit Tiwari, President – EMEA & APAC at Xceedance, discusses why Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize risk assessment, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.