Billing & Collection

Accelerate collection results and generate working capital to move your operations forward
  • 30% efficiency improvement
  • 95% of invoices within 24 hours of binding
  • 100% accuracy and data control

The Xceedance Difference

At Xceedance, we use our deep insurance domain expertise to establish best-in-class accounts receivable practices and deliver superior productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. We conduct a thorough assessment of your challenges and areas of discomfort to help you manage re/insurance policy transactions end-to-end. Leveraging multi-shore delivery models and digital-first insurance operations, our experienced team is ready to address your specific requirements and increase focus on data and risk analytics to add true value to your business.


Invoicing & Technical Booking

Integrate accounts receivable with your policy administration platform to generate receivable records and invoices automatically

Cash Application

Establish automatic cash applications for key brokers to advance your credit collection activities

Portfolio Management

End-to-end support for managing your portfolio, including transaction management, audits, payment monitoring, tax forms, and more


Produce multiple business reports automatically, saving reconciliation efforts and improving turnaround time

Digital Billing & Collection

Harness technologies and new ways of doing business digitally to streamline your billing and collections processes

We ensure your business finds its way forward

“With expert help from Xceedance, we implemented an invoicing system that meets our needs today and into the future. The Xceedance credit control team continues to exceed the expectations of our organization. You’ve been exceeding expectations for the whole group! Thank you again.”

Vice President, Finance
North American operations for a global carrier
Vice President, Finance
North American operations for a global carrier

Insurtech Insights

Our latest thinking and case studies

Cash Reconciliation Platform

Xceedance Cash Reconciliation Platform: A Digital-First Solution to Streamline Insurance Operations