Print & Distribution

Cost-effective, automated services – from small print jobs to mass marketing campaigns

  • 35% cost savings with our print solutions

Print & Distribution Services from Xceedance

Achieve the quality and accuracy required for printing, handling, and mailing critical insurance documents with flexible and scalable solutions. We understand the importance of these documents and the urgency of distribution, and we work with customer-driven SLAs and software-driven quality control to deliver unmatched service.

Print services

Print all types of insurance documents, including new business and renewal offers, declarations, bills, cancellation notices, occupancy, checks, and claims closing.

Mailroom & distribution

Leverage our seamless and responsive processes for managing certificate of mailing and certified services for legal documents, tracking postage meter by document, pre-sorting and mail via USPS, and handling exceptions.

Special handling

Print color or grayscale on a variety of paper types, weights, and sizes from a range of file types (PDF, Postscript, and Word) including 2D barcoding for full print-to-envelope automation.

Scan & index

Starting from physical mail intake and sorting, utilize our scanning and indexing services that provide digitally indexed documents to a location of your choosing.


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