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Risk Data Platform for Property Insurance Providers

The Risk Data Platform (RDP) by Xceedance is our home-grown solution to help property re/insurance organizations of any size streamline and augment risk data preparation through automation, bolstering decision support.

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Risk Data Platform from Xceedance

RDP can automate sourcing, cleansing, and profiling of exposure risk data for modeling. It helps extract data from submissions and schedules of values (SOVs) to aid fast and accurate processing. Using AI-enabled solutions, Xceedance RDP allows insurers to verify and manage property data more efficiently by converting insurance property schedules into a repository.

Xceedance RDP is intuitive, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with the existing data stack. With
the successful integration of solution, the resulting efficiency in processing a simple SOV reduces the turnaround time by two-thirds.

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