As an industry-focused consulting and managed services company, Xceedance partners with insurers, reinsurers, brokers and MGAs/MGUs worldwide. Clients rely on us to launch new products, drive operations, implement cutting-edge technology, and deliver advanced analytics capabilities and process optimization. With clients on four continents, our ever-growing workforce is knowledgeable and responsive, serving a wide range of insurance providers in distinctive business ecosystems.

By leveraging our deep technical knowledge and extensive understanding of insurance processes, our clients gain significant enhancements to their direct distribution platforms, rating and pricing, and policy and claims management workflows. With unique solutions and services from Xceedance, insurers can effectively evaluate risk, understand customer behaviors and improve policyholder experiences.

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Learn more about Xceedance by exploring some common questions we get from the industry.
Q: Who is Xceedance?

A: Xceedance is a global consulting and managed services firm, leveraging the latest technologies to help clients improve service, increase business and grow revenue. Our insurance and technology experts deliver system implementations, process optimization, analytics solutions, and manage product and launches and functional workflow across all lines of insurance.

Q: What industries does Xceedance serve?

A: Xceedance serves all participants and constituents in the insurance industry.

Q: What is unique about Xceedance?

A: Our consultative approach, technical expertise and extensive understanding of insurance processes drive us to help global re/insurers transform operations and leverage intelligent automation to improve efficiency, visibility and profitability. We hire insurance and technology experts who deliver the highest quality work quickly and cost effectively. We build standards and repeatable processes which improve operational efficiency. At Xceedance, we strive constantly to exceed our clients' expectations for quality and innovation.

Q: What are the company's core competencies?

A: We are experts in insurance managed services and in building client applications that integrate a variety of platforms and leverage the best available technology to create end-to-end solutions for improved productivity and policyholder service. Our process engineering and technical experts help optimize operations through technology and workflow management, bringing our clients' insurance processes into the digital world. And our team of skilled mathematicians, data scientists and actuaries help our clients build analytic systems that provide real-time insights and unlock an array of untapped business intelligence.

Q: What experience does Xceedance have in supporting core insurance needs of clients?

A: We leverage our deep technical knowledge and extensive understanding of insurance processes to address challenges and opportunities in many critical areas of the insurance lifecycle:

Insurance Operations
Clearance and Submissions Management | Invoicing, Collections and Cash Management | Policy Lifecycle Management and Renewals | MIS and Regulatory Reporting
Pre-Underwriting | Loss Rating | Exposure Accumulation | Credit Analysis

Catastrophe and Exposure Management

Risk Assessment and Pricing | Portfolio and Capacity Management | Model Validation and Evaluation | Research and Development: Model and Data Solutions

Actuarial Services

Pricing | Loss and Expense Reserving | Rate Filings | Rate Impact Studies

Policy Service

Policy Issuance | Endorsements | Renewals Management | Forms Management

Technology and Core Systems

Digital Product Distribution Design | Proprietary and Legacy Product Configuration | Platform Alignment and Optimization | Enterprise Application Development

Insurance Data Sciences

Data Management and Augmentation | Solution Design | Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Models | Simulation and Optimization Models

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Data and Reporting Strategy | Data Warehouse Development | Data Conversion | Visualization and Dashboards


First Notice of Loss - Intake and Set-up | Investigation, Evaluation and Payments | Loss Run Management | Subrogation and Compliance

Finance and Accounting

Technical Accounting | Regulatory and Financial Reporting | AP and AR Management | SOX and Internal Audit

Q: What are some examples of processes and systems developed by Xceedance?

A: Xceedance has developed numerous end-to-end systems. Examples include:

  • Creation of an end-to-end insurance IT and operations system (quote, policy, claim, endorsement, renewal, reporting, invoicing, reconciliation).
  • Solution for an insurer to enter a new direct insurance market, selling retail insurance through a leading broker portal.
  • CRM portal that allows all employees of the company (management, underwriters, actuaries) to view aggregated customer and broker information in a single location, including portfolio summary by products, claims, and premiums.
  • Reinsurance contract management portal for management, underwriters and actuaries of a reinsurance group to view, search, approve and endorse contracts.
  • Web-based submission system for an insurance company to create, modify, validate and evaluate submissions.
  • Numerous process optimization projects to help clients optimize internal operations, underwriting support, accounting, collections, MIS and reporting.
Q: What experience does Xceedance have in insurance analytics?

A: Xceedance has assisted its clients with actuarial and underwriting analysis, catastrophe modeling, and statistical modeling and visualization. Work includes:

  • Catastrophe modeling and end- to-end portfolio management for tier1 insurer
  • Exposure management system for major broker
  • Actuarial pricing and reserving support for Liability lines
Q: Does Xceedance offer end-to-end IT management?

A: Our people have deep experience in end-to-end IT management, which goes beyond just application services. We offer infrastructure management services, integration with clouds services, database management and other relevant services required to run complete technology function.

Q: Does Xceedance have experience working with startups?

A: Our company has worked with multiple startup companies undergoing accelerated growth. We have experience building scalable architecture that meets the expanding performance, security and availability needs for a startup's critical platforms.

Q: What quality assurance approach does Xceedance have in place?

A: We have an established quality assurance process, with a dedicated team to ensure quality deliverables. Our teams adhere to the most up-to-date standard software development methodologies (e.g. Waterfall and Agile) and processes.

Q: What is the makeup of a typical Xceedance project team?

A: While all teams are developed to meet the specific demands of a project, a typical team would include:

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Developers
  • System architects
  • Database managers
  • QA specialists
  • Reporting analysts
Q: What is an example of the functions Xceedance had developed for a direct distribution platform?

A: Xceedance can deliver comprehensive direct insurance distribution functions, including:

  • Core engine – rating engine/pricing engine/referral handling
  • Front end customization
  • Policyholder service center
  • Claims management
  • Policy/quote document management
  • Contact center integration / live chat
  • Integration with payment gateway
  • Integration with third party agencies for vehicle details and more
  • User reports (conversion ratios, spend analysis)
  • Admin screens (maintenance of master tables)
  • Customer experience management
  • Google Analytics integration and digital analytics reports
  • Landing page frameworks
  • Google adword campaigns


Xceedance was formed in 2013 as a pioneering digital organization, with a focus to help insurers optimize and transform their operations. The people of Xceedance are unified in the mission to offer exemplary business services and craft market-disruptive solutions for insurance providers worldwide.

As a consulting business for re/insurers, our company strives to:

  • Deliver solutions and services that promote growth and reinforce relationships
  • Emphasize attentive, value-based interactions with clients and partners
  • Provide seamless, consistent business experiences for all constituents
  • Practice the constructive change and disruption we advocate
  • Observe the tenets of a learning enterprise


At Xceedance, our mission is to engage with local communities and drive social change by partnering with regional not-for-profit organizations. With integrity, collaboration and respect as three key pillars of Xceedance company values, our people are committed to transforming lives for the better – both within our communities and our organization.

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