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Our underwriting services help insurers with one of the most critical aspects of underwriting — aggregating and analyzing insurance loss runs and exposure data.

With underwriting services from Xceedance, you can bolster risk management, improve the accuracy of your quoting, while saving the valuable time of your underwriters. We can spend the time your underwriters cannot afford to spend (and save them up to 80 percent of that time).

Our underwriting services incorporate the entire range of pre-quote analytical services including analysis of loss run reports, exposure compilation, checking data for accuracy, creating standardized data template files, and compiling underwriting reports. In addition, once we analyze the data, we can make it ready and available in any format insurers might choose. Our underwriting team also can compile all submission data uniformly, regardless of regional or LOB variations, aggregate losses, analyze and highlight data issues, and deliver data and analytics used for generating quotes.

In short, we help underwriters build profitable books of business. By performing pre-quote analysis, we allow underwriters to focus more directly on critical tasks such as risk analysis and pricing. Using advanced tools and applications, we streamline the process of compiling losses and exposures, leading to more accurate pricing.

Because we are entirely insurance focused, there is no learning curve, no ramp-up time, and no waiting for activity or results.

Our Offerings

Risk Assessment

Simplify loss aggregation, identification of large or duplicate losses, compilation of projected and historical exposure, loss segregation, and year-over-year comparisons.

Data Analysis

Accelerate base premium calculation and exposure categorization and classification.


Streamline underwriting documentation, database maintenance and reporting, and dashboarding, and gain insights into technical versus bound premium.

Underwriting Reports

Perform in-depth, industry-wide loss cost analysis and build loss development triangles and claim movement reports.

Portfolio Analysis

Analyze your business operations, extract useful information from submissions, identify industry codes, and study insurance structure.

Product Development Support

Benefit from expert support for developing rating tools, designing forms, framing policy terms and conditions, reporting, regulatory filing, and validating PAS implementations.

Process Automation

Identify repetitive manual tasks in the underwriting process and automate them by applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, RPA, or simple workflow automation.

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