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Virtual Assistant

Simplifying the implementation and use of chatbots in the insurance industry

The modern insurance customer is increasingly technology-savvy and demands self-service options, hyper-contextualized conversations over digital channels, and quick resolution of their queries. With recent predictions suggesting that AI-driven bots will power 95% of all customer service interactions by 2025, insurance organizations must implement virtual assistants to deliver superior customer value.

At Xceedance, we have built a leading-edge, insurance-focused chatbot solution embedded with intelligent technologies to better engage brokers and policyholders for improved insurance outcomes. Features include:

  • Turnkey implementation and easy customization
  • Rule-based/NLP and NLU chatbot
  • Live chat with agents
  • Omni-channel integration and multilingual conversations
  • Chatbot builder GUI and Q&A extractor
  • Robust integration with existing tools
  • Advanced analytics

Xceedance Virtual Assistant enables both selection and NLP-based conversation flows and comes with pre-defined templates for insurance use cases that can be quickly configured to suit your unique needs.

Our Offerings


Deliver product and coverage recommendations to customers based on their specific needs and provide comprehensive product information.


Share quotes and illustrations, enable channel support, harness upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and make customer/agent education more engaging and effective.

Underwriting and Policy Purchase

Streamline document submission, policy issuance, and payment with self-service options and an intuitive user interface.

Policy Service

Address customer/agent queries faster, accelerate policy renewals, process payments and refunds quickly, and provide accurate, timely alerts and notifications.


Automate FNOL filing and assist and guide policyholders throughout the claims process for faster settlement of claims.

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