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Insurance Data Sciences

Xceedance facilitates a unique blend of intelligence augmented (IA) applications, artificial intelligence (AI), and statistical, deep learning, and machine learning models to optimize operational, strategic, and tactical decision making.

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The advent of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning (ML), drones, Internet of Things (IoT), geospatial, and smart wearables is ushering in a new data and analytics revolution. The proliferation of data and the networked ecosystem of the global insurance industry is increasing the need for precision, timeliness, predictive foresight, and real-time velocity when it comes to data-driven decision making. Insurers contend with many challenges in this regard, including issues pertaining to data extraction and ingestion, conversion of unstructured data and structured data into actionable insights, lack of reliability in data automation, inability to establish a strong foundation for analytics, conducting quality checks on data acquisition and conversion projects, and engineering predictive modeling frameworks.

By harnessing IA, AI, ML, advanced modeling and deployment services, and strong domain expertise, Xceedance combines the best of machine and human interactions to deliver improved business outcomes. Solutions address challenges across data management and augmentation; application design and development; predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive analytics; and simulation and modeling domains. Our data sciences team experiments with various validation metrics and simulations to arrive at solutions that integrate harmoniously with the insurer’s platform and processes. We strive to help insurance organizations harness data from several diverse sources to enable responsive reporting, evidence-based decision making, creating maximum value across the insurance value chain.

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