Roundtable: How MGAs Leverage Insurtech To Transform Operations

How MGAs Are Leveraging Insurtech to Transform Operations and Drive Business MGAs (Managing General Agents) used to be specialists, operating as wholesalers for particular lines, specialty lines, or programs. But now they’re being seen in a new light, and they’re creating new possibilities. Some insurers are delegating underwriting authority to them. Some insurers are establishing… Continue reading

Cat Models À La Carte

Cat Models À La Carte In one of a series of four interviews with The Insurer over the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous, senior representatives from Xceedance and ChainThat sat down with this publication to discuss what both firms have been up to since the reinsurance industry gathered on the Côte d’Azur 12 months ago and what… Continue reading

Managed Services Partner Allows Insurers to Focus on Core Operations

Partnering with a Strategic Managed Services Provider Allows Insurers to Manage Change and Focus on Core Strengths There are numerous elements of insurance operations where it is sensible and practical for insurance organizations to consider cost-effective alternatives to complete reliance on in-house resources. Many re/insurers will realize a much better return by working with a… Continue reading

Expert Support for Catastrophe and Exposure Management

Industry-Knowledgeable Managed Services Partner Provides Expert Support for Catastrophe and Exposure Management When managing a global portfolio of catastrophe risk, re/insurers, and brokers are increasingly turning to experts for support in handling a growing array of vendor models, and to better manage their exposure. The prevalence of recent catastrophic events worldwide makes it even more… Continue reading

Roundtable: Intelligent Technology and Data Strategy – A Paradigm Shift for Insurers

Roundtable: Intelligent Technology and Data Strategy – A Paradigm Shift for Insurers The rapid advancement of intelligent technology is already transforming the modern insurer’s relationship with data and producing actionable analytics. Intelligent technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, augmented reality, and blockchain, is converging with data sciences, analytic assets, and… Continue reading

Winning With Managed Services in the Age of InsurTech

Winning With Managed Services in the Age of InsurTech In today’s insurance ecosystem, once-maligned service providers are enjoying a renaissance as agents of change and innovation. The most visionary and successful among service providers have evolved to become managed services partners, recognized for their industry-focused expertise to help insurers address challenges and opportunities in insurance… Continue reading

The Wired Underwriter

The Wired Underwriter One of the major challenges associated with the so-called "fourth industrial revolution", the label which is most often used to describe the current rapid advancement and convergence of different technologies, is the change it will bring to the workplace and to working practices. A common concern over the past two years, not… Continue reading

Xceedance Enables Business Transformation

Xceedance Enables Business Transformation CXOs of insurance companies often partner with a host of business and technology service providers to expand their operations. But many of those service providers are not insurance experts. They simply adapt industry-agnostic capabilities to serve insurers. For insurance leaders in a hyper-competitive business landscape, it means being deprived of the… Continue reading