Augmenting Decision Support for Underwriting and Claims

Augmenting Decision Support for Underwriting and Claims The unique human factor of subjective analysis influences claims and underwriting outcomes, and therefore, creates unintended variability of decisions and inconsistency with target guidelines for claim settlements and underwriting pricing. Limiting or mitigating that variability requires the use of predictive algorithms. Decision Support Services represent the convergence of… Continue reading

MGA Agility Suite

MGA Agility Suite Overview The Xceedance MGA Agility Suite enables established and start-up program administrators, managing general agents (MGAs), and managing general underwriters (MGUs) worldwide to swiftly deploy a tailored, advisor-driven sales and service engine to capture profitable market segments — a key competitive differentiator in managing diverse insurance products, especially lower-margin classes of business.… Continue reading

Roundtable: How MGAs Leverage Insurtech To Transform Operations

How MGAs Are Leveraging Insurtech to Transform Operations and Drive Business MGAs (Managing General Agents) used to be specialists, operating as wholesalers for particular lines, specialty lines, or programs. But now they’re being seen in a new light, and they’re creating new possibilities. Some insurers are delegating underwriting authority to them. Some insurers are establishing… Continue reading

The Next-Generation Broker Operating Model

The Next-Generation Broker Operating Model For decades, commercial insurance organizations have been looking for ways to create efficiencies across multi-party transactions involving carriers, brokers and insureds. While significant advances in technology have made it feasible to integrate various industry participants seamlessly, there has been a lack of singular vision and a common architectural approach to… Continue reading