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Startup City Covers the Unique Journey of Xceedance

May 11, 2017

Startup City magazine recently featured Xceedance and its unique journey of service proficiency and innovation in the insurance industry. The article highlights how Xceedance has emerged as one of the principal disruptors of traditional business service models by integrating cutting-edge automation and process improvements to optimize operations.

Since its founding in 2013, Xceedance has witnessed noteworthy and ongoing growth within the global insurance industry. Startup City chronicles the company’s rapid rise as “exceptional among India-based start-up organizations.” Built with a vision for providing industry-knowledgeable managed services in the networked economy, Xceedance has established itself as a trusted and invaluable partner for insurers worldwide. The article explains how “since inception, the company has grown organically to an annual turnover exceeding 100 crores without raising any external funding and tripled its workforce.”

According to Arun Balakrishnan, CEO, this success is largely a result of the strong insurance-based knowledge Xceedance experts bring to the market. He explains “In our case, we had 45+ years of insurance experience among the founders of the Xceedance team, so we focused on designing expert services for the insurance industry. The mission to disrupt the traditional services methodology, backed by our deep-rooted insurance knowledge, was the genesis of our company.”

Founded in India, Xceedance has expanded internationally to include offices in the U.S. and U.K. as well as a service center in Poland. Manish Khetan, EVP, foresees the company having an ongoing impact and noting how “Xceedance is assuming a leadership role in insurance managed services and analytics by supporting the full scope of insurance operations, including pre-underwriting and actuarial services, catastrophe modeling, loss rating, pricing and claims.”

Amit Tiwari, EVP shares this view and explains Xceedance is combining knowledge of insurance operations with a strong understanding of local conditions to provide the best service to insurers. He explains, “As a global organization serving insurers in a variety of regions, we focus on placing the appropriate domain expertise and project management representation in the right geography – to perform effectively as a well-informed business and technology partner with individual clients.”

As Amit Ranjan, SVP describes, “We’re increasingly recognized as an expert partner to insurance organizations. Our expanding expertise and growing client footprint help to differentiate Xceedance in the evolving arena of managed services.”

The company’s mission is to help transform the consulting paradigm in the insurance industry with its strong processes, advanced technology, data sciences and operations know-how. The commentary points out that Xceedance is redefining the relationship between insurers and their service providers, and positioning the company to leave a lasting imprint on the insurance ecosystem worldwide.

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