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Xceedance Risk Decision Platform

MGAs and insurance companies need robust visualization tools to illustrate exposure and loss analytics and handle large data sets efficiently. Such tools can assist organizations to improve operational efficiency by analyzing capacity usage, providing breach notification, summarizing portfolio and location risks, comparing data sets, automating periodic reporting, and plotting risks on a map for better risk analytics. The right tool, like Risk Decision Platform from Xceedance, drives enhanced risk management and pricing strategies to improve organizational efficiency.

Risk Decision Platform enables insurance organizations, including MGAs, to perform deep-dive reporting from account to location levels, run instant scenario analysis, create custom reports for specific stakeholders, enable faster and easier data sharing to all stakeholders, maintain data quality and governance, and report near real-time and post-event response analyses. The solution enables organizations to translate data into actionable insights, compare risks, increase operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.

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June 06, 2023