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Xceedance: The Preferred Partner in IFRS 17 Implementation Support

The introduction of IFRS 17 represents a significant change in insurance accounting, introducing a range of challenges for insurers. Effectively navigating this new landscape requires a partner with specialized knowledge. Xceedance stands as an insurance-focused, proven partner in IFRS 17 implementation support, equipped to handle the detailed requirements of this new standard. Xceedance goes beyond traditional consultancy to offer a strategic partnership. Our deep understanding of insurance, combined with a consistent record of successful IFRS 17 implementations in various international markets, allows us to provide solutions that simplify the complexities of IFRS 17, enabling clients to adapt to this change effectively. 

Our IFRS 17 capabilities are tailored to address insurance companies’ specific needs and challenges across geographies, including A&NZ, Asia, and the Middle East. We offer services centered around watertight data and process integrity, high-cost effectiveness, and seamless transitioning, all designed to ensure IFRS 17 compliance and strategic advantage.

Discover how you can implement IFRS 17 in a seamless and cost-effective manner. Download our brochure to learn more.
March 11, 2024