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Xceedance Virtual Adjust

Xceedance Virtual Adjust (VA) helps enhance claims management processes while reducing IA expenses by 60%, decreasing claims leakage across over 70% of claims, and reducing cycle time by 5 days.

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Virtual Adjust has the following components:

  • Augmented Claims Management System – The Xceedance claims system facilitates seamless integration of disparate communication channels such as email, SMS, and phone. This allows insureds and contractors to send videos and photos in an uncomplicated and straightforward manner.
  • Automated Measurement Systems – Xceedance has contractual agreements with several reputed technological partners. This gives access to robust tools, such as aerial measurement, mobile applications, Hover, Eagleview and PLNR, that can be leveraged to streamline the virtual adjusting process.
  • Video and Photo Capture Applications – We capitalize on the data available from diverse sources. Apart from our preferred video application Claim Xperience, which integrates easily with Xactware products, we also use data provided by the insured, including photographs and video content.
  • Vendor Scoping – The Xceedance team of vendors supports our virtual desk adjusters to capture data on damages when it is not feasible for the insured to provide this information, generating savings of approximately US$455 per claim.
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May 13, 2022