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Xceedance Digital Underwriting Assistant (XDUA)

Xceedance Digital Underwriting Assistant (XDUA) eliminates the tiring manual process of identifying and extracting unstructured data and storing that information in spreadsheets. Achieve significant cost savings by using our AI and machine learning tools to improve monitoring and controls, automate workflows to streamline processes, gather detailed insights into claims and exposures, and reduce errors.

Xceedance Digital Underwriting Assistant is trained to understand loss runs of different insurance carriers and extract all the information presented in the loss runs in a structured format for easy analysis, thereby increasing speed to quote, correctly pricing a policy, and determining whether to cover the risk at the first place.

The information is provided in a standard format for all lines of business and risks. Underwriters for participating carriers don’t have to worry about requesting loss runs from agents for other participating carriers. This saves time and money— when obtaining loss runs on the front end and when properly pricing the policy— thus avoiding premium leakage and overpricing.

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May 31, 2023