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Agents and Brokers

Xceedance helps retail insurance agents and brokers scale their businesses, focus on innovation, and strengthen critical relationships by accelerating essential administrative tasks with on-demand, digital-first strategic operations support.

Retail insurance agents and brokers are trusted advisors who help insureds anticipate and manage risk and minimize exposure. However, administrative tasks often take them away from their advisory role. By finding the right partner to automate these vital tasks agents and brokers can invest more time and effort into high-value functions that can grow their business, especially during heavy renewal periods.

Xceedance leverages a proven methodology, which combines its deep domain knowledge and technology expertise, to deliver on-demand services for agents and brokers, helping them perform administrative tasks on time, on budget, and with superior accuracy. Our teams work closely with agents and brokers to ensure seamless communication with policyholders and insurance carriers and manage error-free data entry. Our services include an agile pricing model and a short service activation timeline, allowing agents and brokers to quickly get the strategic support they need.

Our Offerings

Certificate of Insurance (COI) Management

Creation of COIs and management of COI operations, handling bulk renewal certificates jobs during peak season, managing auto-ID cards, and reviewing endorsements.

Policy Checking

End-to-end policy checks, including checking against all relevant document sources (before customer receipt of policy or policy changes) and reporting and resolving variances.

Document Management and Triaging

Categorization and organization of insurance documents based on priority and document type, indexing and labeling, expedited proposal creation, data and document validation, and folder management.

Automation and Digital Enablement

Speeding up the entire COI lifecycle and boosting accuracy leveraging advanced business process management, RPA, cognitive automation, automated policy checking utilizing the Chisel AI platform, and more.

Other Services

Online input and rating for small businesses, endorsement requests (including processing within the carrier’s systems), loss run ordering requests or updates, and accounting support.

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