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On-Demand Expert Services for Agents and Brokers

Xceedance on-demand services facilitate domain and technological expertise to help brokers and agents streamline core administrative tasks and manage error-free data entry, enhancing scalability and efficiency.

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Brokers and agents perform several critical administrative tasks, supporting clients throughout the policy lifecycle. These tasks comprise a significant percentage of their capacity, rendering them unable to devote the required time to high-value tasks such as business growth initiatives. Xceedance on-demand services can help brokers and agents drive innovation and strengthen critical business relationships during high activity renewal periods and throughout the year. The Xceedance team assesses operational needs and facilitates on-demand offerings aligned with those needs while improving efficiency and increasing capacity. Our delivery approach integrates agile pricing, short service activation timelines, and the elimination of error and omission exposures. This helps brokers and agents leverage robust strategic support provided by Xceedance to scale their policy lifecycle processing capacity. 

Capitalizing on Xceedance on-demand services can be beneficial across several facets. Our licensed insurance experts can enhance COI delivery by ensuring faster turnaround times, improved accuracy, and service levels. Our ISO-certified document management, end-to-end certificate of insurance, and policy checking services will aid regulatory compliance aspects, enhance functional superiority, and strengthen client relationships. Additionally, comprehensive policy document validation processes minimize E&O exposure. Our suite of on-demand services includes certificate of insurance (COI) management, policy checking, document management and triaging, and other services (for example, online input and rating of small businesses and accounting support).

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August 06, 2021