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How Xceedance Delivers World-Class Global Solutions with Duck Creek Technologies

by Naveen Sharma, Director – Business Systems, Systems Integration

At Xceedance, operational efficiency and unparalleled service quality power all of our business decisions. We believe that dynamic markets call for dynamic solutions, and the technology we employ reflects that. We implement and maintain Duck Creek’s suite of offerings to streamline the services we deliver across the insurance lifecycle for our clients. With its cloud-based, end-to-end model, Duck Creek is ideally suited to help us future-proof our client’s operations and meet the demands of modern consumers. Moreover, the low-code open-source architecture enables easy integration with the client’s existing software architecture for a truly personalized solution.

The core pillars we focus on in the Duck Creek capability at Xceedance are end-to-end implementation, platform upgrades, data migration, and post-production maintenance on the following core modules:

  • Policy: Duck Creek Policy helps our team design insurance products that are compatible with a dynamic, customer-centric world. We use the integrated development environment to design and configure manuscripts and custom forms, tweak pages and skins, simplify and manage roles and privileges for users, and configure rules and ratings.
  • Claims: We use Duck Creek’s comprehensive admin and workflow modules to help clients handle claims of any complexity through configuration and customization of their workflows and business rules. Databases, product consoles, and rule-based communication triggers can be tailored to a client’s unique specifications, along with any third-party integrations to enrich claims offerings for adjusters and claims handlers.
  • Billing: Duck Creek Billing helps us design seamless payment plans and communication pipelines for our clients. Insurance providers benefit from the ease of automation in both customer payment allocations and agent commission pay-outs – all through the securely encrypted gateway of the client’s choosing.
  • Insights: We use Duck Creek Data Insights to configure clients’ product-specific data needs for rapid implementation using our proprietary Data Insights accelerators. Our team can help clients with specific capability solutions like Extract Mapper manuscripts, Map2Code configurations, product customizations, downstream data feeds, business analytics, and reporting.     

Duck Creek is not just another software platform at Xceedance – more than 80 of our 240+ member Duck Creek team have completed Duck Creek Certification, a highly coveted achievement indicating mastery in implementing specific Duck Creek solutions. Additionally, 16 members of our team are Duck Creek Insights Certified professionals – more than any competing brand!

We’re proud that insurance organizations across the globe trust our team of Duck Creek Technologies professionals to steward their data and guide them towards greater profitability. Let us know how we can help your organization find new value and solutions with its Duck Creek modules.

Naveen Sharma is Director, Business Systems at Xceedance

September 22, 2022