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CIO Playbook: Accelerating Digital Transformation in Insurance

Strategic investments by CTOs and CIOs in technological transformation initiatives can help connect people, processes, and technology, harness automation, deliver superior customer experiences and enhance cybersecurity.

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Micro and macroeconomic events and an evolving global environment have accelerated technological transformation and the need to leverage the newfound digital momentum and redefine strategic growth roadmaps, customer segments, and verticals for calibrating product and pricing strategies and investments. The rapidly changing competitive landscape means that CTOs and CIOs must reorient their strategies and leverage technological transformation initiatives to bridge the gap between people, processes, and technology. They must harness automation to stay future-ready, deliver superior customer experiences by understanding customer needs, and enhance cybersecurity measures.
Many insurers find themselves data-rich but insight-poor because of rapidly accumulating swathes of data, legacy applications, and data silos. Transitioning to low-code platforms, improving data capture and analytics, and creating a single source of truth can address those challenges. Legacy IT infrastructure and outdated processes represent significant roadblocks to automation. Adopting AI, ML, and RPA to automate repetitive processes, aligning automation goals with strategic business objectives, and automating to enhance transparency, security, and underwriting processes can enable decision-makers to continually identify and capitalize on opportunities. Using omnichannel customer digital interaction solutions, prompt query resolution, and deploying integrated digital solutions can help in delivering superior customer experiences. Similarly, utilizing a VPN, bolstering security protocols, and implementing endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions can protect against cyber security threats. Thus, insurers that invest in technological solutions and digital capabilities will be well-positioned to sustain a robust growth trajectory irrespective of environmental factors.
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September 07, 2021