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Catastrophe and Exposure Management

Xceedance can help improve risk transfer and mitigation and manage exposures effectively through natural perils risk analysis, validation of vendor catastrophe models, and enhanced pricing strategies

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Catastrophe modeling and exposure management are essential parts of re/insurers’ risk management and mitigation strategies. The cat modeling team at Xceedance analyzes large swathes of complex data sets, examines policy conditions and related variables, and addresses inconsistencies in underlying assumptions for effective risk and coverage analysis against stated perils. We model and rate cat exposure; assess primary, excess, and reinsurance risks; evaluate risk accumulation and severity; examine threshold limits; report exposure and loss changes; and optimize portfolios. Our team has expertise in hydrological and geospatial environments and catastrophe modeling. As a result, our team is well-positioned to help insurers identify loss drivers and derive actionable information through accurate risk estimation. Further, we help insurers enhance pricing strategies and underwriting operations and adopt data-driven decision-making by quantifying cat exposure and loss estimates.

Xceedance offerings within cat modeling and exposure management services include exposure capture and pricing, portfolio maintenance, executive-level reporting and analysis, process enhancement, research and development, and on-demand catastrophe modeling services. Our cat modeling teams’ deep experience and efficiency can help you manage and operate several models simultaneously and capitalize on detailed information regarding multiple risk scenarios. Further, our team can accurately determine and analyze loss drivers, validate data from engineering surveys, and facilitate quick turnaround times.

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