Xceedance offers managed services and responsive technology solutions
across a wide spectrum of the insurance lifecycle.



Policy Issuance


Renewal Management

Forms Management

Xceedance offers end-to-end support for bind to issue phases of the policy lifecycle, providing our clients with fast turnaround times to address the business needs of their policyholders. The Xceedance policy service team constantly aims to surpass industry service standards and give our clients a competitive edge in responsiveness and service delivery to insureds.

The Xceedance policy service team is comprised of experienced insurance professionals, helping clients issue and renew many thousands of annual policies. Our knowledge about global regions, including deep understanding of insurance regulations, assists clients in entering new markets and maintaining proficiency in policy issuance. Our team directly enriches client operations in diverse ways:

  • Time reduction in issuing policies
  • System integration and testing for successful global platform implementations
  • Service standard monitoring
  • Process documentation and forms library management, to improve regional standardization
  • Support for multiple language requirements

With the support of our team, client underwriters are much less involved in the issuance process, so they can concentrate on core underwriting functions. Our team streamlines and standardizes documentation and reporting, and utilizes modern database tools and applications to automate issuance processes, helping to reduce turnaround times.

The policy service team engages with senior operations executives within insurance and reinsurance companies. We serve property, casualty, executive and professional, marine, healthcare, accident and health and workers compensation carriers in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.



Policy Servicing

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