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Hollard Gets a Brand New Core System in Just Six Months

Explore the impressive transformation achieved by Hollard Insurance in a concise six-month timeline. As a top insurance provider in Australia and New Zealand, Hollard faced the challenge of integrating a new platform with legacy systems, creating a payment gateway, and establishing a data warehouse. They also needed to integrate their existing external rating system with the new process and develop a custom renewal migration process.

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To address these complex challenges, Hollard selected Xceedance as their strategic partner. Our global team, spread across Australia, the US, and India, brought over 600 hours of Duck Creek implementation experience to the table. We successfully migrated Hollard to the latest Duck Creek Policy Admin platform, Billing platform, Party, Data Hub, Message Hub, and .NET. Our team ensured close collaboration between business, data, and testing teams, and completed policy implementation, billing, data insights, Azure Logic Apps, and renewal migration within the tight six-month timeframe.

Read more about the project in this news report published by the Insurance Business Magazine.

Gain insights into this remarkable insurance industry project, marked by efficient execution and technical expertise

January 04, 2024