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A/NZ Global Insurer Goes Live With Fresh Core Systems in Only Six Months

Expert implementation by Xceedance helped the insurer kick off its new system with modern and efficient digital tools.


Business Requirement

A top insurance provider in Australia and New Zealand providing the full range of general insurance products, including motor, home, landlord, content, business, pet and travel insurance, wanted to upgrade its legacy system to a modern platform. The insurer wanted to integrate their existing external rating system, which was already running for commercial and personal lines, within the newly built system. They also wanted to integrate the new platform with their existing vendor system (integration/transformation layer), a new payment gateway, and set up a data warehouse for reporting and auditing purposes.

Finally, the insurer wanted to develop a custom renewal migration approach for migrating the existing legacy policy to the Duck Creek system. Providing core system solutions to the P&C and general insurance industry, Duck Creek Technologies is a leading player in this area. Their out-of-box Duck Creek billing system can be customized to configure agency and direct billing plans, including commission plans for different brokers falling under those agencies. They wanted to integrate Duck Creek as a virtual underwriting application, interacting with the broker portal to perform activities such as quoting, binding, endorsing, referring, billing, renewing and mid-term broker changing involving minimal human interaction.

Overcoming Challenges

The Australian insurer was able to make use of modern features supported by the Duck Creek Policy Administration and billing systems. They were able to use a common external rating system for both commercial and personal line of business, integrate the new payment gateway and establish a data warehouse for reporting and auditing, which was not previously possible.

To execute the multi-layered transition to the Duck Creek Platform, Xceedance was chosen as the systems integrator. Through a customized process developed between the Australian insurer, Duck Creek, and technology partner Xceedance, the transition to the broker network’s platform was achieved seamlessly.

Due to the flexible and low-code configuration of the Duck Creek Platform, full implementation took less than six months despite the challenges of a pandemic. The insurer partnered with trusted resources to deliver its products and services within a strict time frame. The project team operated around the clock and around the globe, with Xceedance personnel involved in the U.S., India, and Australia, contributing to the speed with which the integration was accomplished. The project was an Australian first, implementing three product lines and a new policy system, integrated with a new communications layer and data migration, in only six months.

Development and Delivery

Xceedance performed end-to-end integration testing and certification with existing broker applications before going live. The Xceedance team is currently providing post-production support and maintenance.

The tools and technology used were Duck Creek Policy Admin platform 7.x, Duck Creek Billing platform 7.x, Duck Party 3.x, Data Hub, Message Hub, .NET, and Azure Logic Apps. The entire orchestration logic was built on Azure logic apps, invoking the latest Duck Creek Anywhere APIs. The implementation took place following strict Duck Creek standards and guidelines, considering future readiness for Duck Creek on-Demand (DCOD) migration.

Proven Results

The Xceedance team delivered three products (home, landlord, motor) created from the country layer, nine customized screens, 130+ underwriting rules, task queues per product, custom transactions, custom status, custom referral process, multiple payments and commission plans, multiple custom batch processes with 7+ integrations, and support for the Australian region.

“Credit was due to Xceedance, which invested over and above the project requirements in personnel and other resources to ensure success,” said Shaji Sethu, Managing Director for APAC at Duck Creek Technologies. “It was an incredible effort to understand the requirements and go back and forth to build the platform in a virtual environment with time zone differences.”

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