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Enrich Operations Across the Policy Lifecycle with Xceedance Policy Services
Leverage our policy services to create a robust support system that augments the entire policy lifecycle, including premium billing, renewals and endorsements, and policy issuance, to enable faster turnaround times, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a significant competitive advantage.
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The Xceedance policy services team brings strong domain knowledge and working experience in diverse geographic markets, such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, across property, casualty, marine, executive and professional, accident, and health and workers compensation segments. We provide insurers with deep insight into the local insurance regulatory frameworks and help them venture into new markets. Our team enriches operational processes in several ways, including reducing policy issuance time, testing and integrating systems for implementation, monitoring compliance with service standards, managing libraries for regional standardization, documenting processes, and supporting differing language requirements. We reduce turnaround times, automate routine processes, and deliver high accuracy by standardizing documentation and reporting using database tools and also help with declarations, exclusions, coverage limits, and interfacing with other functions to encourage process optimization. Xceedance policy services include endorsements, renewals, formatting, and standardizing forms based on regional requirements, managing the entire billing process, and customer support provided by licensed professionals. While our policy services allow insurers to achieve more within a relatively short span of time, our primary emphasis is on ensuring positive outcomes and enhancing profitability irrespective of the geographical location.

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