We are all in the midst of an unprecedented health emergency. As a global pandemic, the COVID-19 coronavirus impacts every family, community, economy, and business worldwide.

Everyone at Xceedance is keeping people and communities directly affected by the COVID-19 contagion in our thoughts. Based on guidelines from the World Health Organization as well as local authorities, our people are complying with public hygiene parameters, while adhering to social best practices, including travel and assembly restrictions. Meanwhile, we are especially grateful for the selfless, extraordinary work of healthcare professionals everywhere — who are humanity’s most vital line of defense against an unseen and unrelenting menace.

In this time of unprecedented societal anxiety, our company is focused on two key priorities:

  • Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our teammates across the globe.
  • Doing everything in our power to deliver continuous support to clients.

Accordingly, Xceedance has modified operations and enacted business continuity plans globally.

  • Communications with our clients are underway to better understand their requirements in this period of turbulence, and to discuss the provision of uninterrupted services.
  • Work-from-home capabilities are enabled for several offices; this approach is ongoing across our facilities to comply with recommendations and mandates from local authorities.
  • Essential redundancies and supply chain validations are in place to mitigate business interruption, both for clients and our operations.

Driven by a fundamentally digital workforce, Xceedance global teams are available to provide stable, continuous support to insurance organizations, as we all ride out the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The guiding principles and purpose of Xceedance go hand-in-hand to support the operational success of our diverse clients. Particularly in a time of uncertainty, we encourage our clients to let us know how best our people can be of service. For any circumstances or needs — be they large or small, typical or uncommon — the Xceedance team is ready to support our valued clients and the global insurance ecosystem.

Arun Balakrishnan

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