Delivering superior productivity, accuracy, throughput, and policyholder experience for the modern-day reinsurer.

Reinsurers today face significant losses due to black swan events, increasing natural catastrophe claims, tough underwriting conditions, lower investment returns, and fierce competition, leading to underwhelming business growth and profitability. Reinsurers must augment underwriting performance, reduce operating expenditure, and close protection gaps to earn their cost of capital and improve combined ratios. The need of the hour is to diversify risk exposure, develop new markets, create operational efficiencies, and harness a wealth of data and experience effectively, ensuring success in a challenging business environment.

Xceedance helps reinsurers reduce frictional costs of transacting business and focus resources on understanding and pricing risk. Our lean, multi-disciplinary teams enable reinsurers to streamline critical business processes, upgrade outdated reinsurance systems, push more modern technology out to primary insurance partners, and bolster data security and compliance. Flexible strategic operations support from Xceedance allows reinsurers to scale offerings efficiently, boosting responsiveness to market conditions while ensuring superior business continuity.

Our Offerings


Leverage our approach to underwriting based on four key pillars: expertise, efficacy, experience, efficiency – all of which establish a high degree of discipline for the underwriting process.

Catastrophe and Exposure Mgmt

Benefit from a one-stop solution for all exposure and catastrophe risk management needs, including exposure capture and pricing, portfolio maintenance, process enhancement, and R&D.

Technical Accounting

Simplify booking, collections, cash application, cash recall management, reporting, and unapplied cash account management.


Enable end-to-end support for fast tracking claims processing across personal and commercial lines and loss run reporting for multiple line of business.

Finance and Accounting

Gain actionable insights into financial performance along with geo-specific transactional and statutory services

Custom Application Development

Accelerate bespoke application development to streamline processes, manage data, and drive organizational productivity.

Automation Services

Automate critical insurance processes with Xceedance techno-functional experts, leading-edge automation platforms, and best practices.

Data Management and Insights

Collect, consolidate, enrich, and analyze data with ease by employing best-in-class data management processes and tools.

Actuarial Services

Partner with Xceedance experts across all the areas of actuarial work including reinsurance pricing, reserving and capital modeling.

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