Xceedance is a one-stop consulting, technology, and insurance services provider for MGAs/MGUs and program administrators, helping them achieve a sustainable competitive edge.

MGAs (Managing General Agents) used to be specialists, operating as wholesalers for particular lines, specialty lines, or programs. But now they’re being seen in a new light, and they’re creating new possibilities. All MGAs will increasingly rely on three things: Capital in varying amounts, depending on their objectives and the infrastructures they choose to build and maintain, technology, and insurance acumen.

At Xceedance, we partner with MGAs/MGUs and program administrators to provide automated workflows and streamlined policy lifecycle processes, policy-administration capabilities, underwriting platforms, distribution and communication tools, and business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions. Through advanced software development and integration with a diverse set of technologies that support operational efficiency, Xceedance delivers MGAs and their retail agents proficient automation for personalized, intermediated policyholder services. We deploy tailored, advisor-driven sales and service engines for MGAs/MGUs to help them capture profitable market segments — a key competitive differentiator in managing diverse insurance products, especially lower-margin classes of business.

Our Offerings

MGA Agility Suite

Deploy a tailored platform, encompassing software, lifecycle services, and regulatory compliance, to effectively capture and serve target market segments.

Insurance Operations

Drive automation of routine tasks, flagging and escalation of exceptions, and rules-driven workflows for efficient, well-managed operations.


Leverage our approach to underwriting based on four key pillars: expertise, efficacy, experience, efficiency – all of which establish a high degree of discipline for the underwriting process.

Actuarial Services

Partner with Xceedance experts across all the broad areas of actuarial work including pricing, reserving, capital modeling, and profitability analysis.

Finance and Accounting

Gain actionable insights into financial performance along with geo-specific transactional and statutory services

Custom Application Development

Accelerate bespoke application development to streamline processes, manage data, and drive organizational productivity.

Automation Services

Automate critical insurance processes with Xceedance techno-functional experts, leading-edge automation platforms, and best practices.

Data Management and Insights

Collect, consolidate, enrich, and analyze data with ease by employing best-in-class data management processes and tools.

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