Xceedance is a strategic consulting partner for insurers — helping them to modernize operations, adapt in the digital age, and flourish in an increasingly customer-centric market.

In the era of insurtech, emerging technology and the connected enterprise are market forces prompting traditional insurers to evolve and reinvent themselves. Insurers are faced with new challenges, affecting policyholder service, product and distribution strategy, company culture, the nature of the today’s workforce, and the cadence of technology-enabled operations.

Xceedance tailors and delivers a strategic approach or “DATA” model (Differentiation, Agility, Transformation and Automation) for insurers determined to advance and win in the age of insurtech. Our experts have proven experience in implementing emerging technologies, building a culture of innovation, and improving processes, workflows, and results. At Xceedance, we bring expertise and focus on speed-to-market for new business, new products, and new service paradigms.

We productively supplement the internal resources or act as a knowledgeable surrogate resource, providing knowledgeable talent without the need for extensive investment or training. As an insurance-focused consultancy, we provide an easy mechanism for bridging the widening skills gap, while also enabling a discrete environment where insurers can test emerging technologies against products and processes without necessarily impacting downstream results.

Our Offerings

Insurance Operations

Drive automation of routine tasks, flagging and escalation of exceptions, and rules-driven workflows for efficient, well-managed operations.


Leverage our approach to underwriting based on four key pillars: expertise, efficacy, experience, efficiency – all of which establish a high degree of discipline for the underwriting process.

Catastrophe and Exposure Mgmt

Benefit from a one-stop solution for all exposure and catastrophe risk management needs, including exposure capture and pricing, portfolio maintenance, process enhancement, and R&D.

Actuarial Services

Partner with Xceedance experts across all the broad areas of actuarial work including pricing, reserving, capital modeling, and profitability analysis.

Policy Service

Streamline policy servicing with deep analysis of data from the policy administration system, service standard monitoring, service level agreement management, and form design.


Enable end-to-end support for fast tracking claims processing across personal and commercial lines and loss run reporting for multiple line of business.

Finance and Accounting

Gain actionable insights into financial performance along with geo-specific transactional and statutory services

Customer Support

Access call center and operational resources to meet ever-changing business demands and deliver superior policyholder and agent experience.

Print and Distribution

Get insurance-specialized support for printing and document management, including scanning and indexing and custom integration to customer policy administration systems.

Custom Application Development

Accelerate bespoke application development to streamline processes, manage data, and drive organizational productivity.

Automation Services

Automate critical insurance processes with Xceedance techno-functional experts, leading-edge automation platforms, and best practices.

Data Management and Insights

Collect, consolidate, enrich, and analyze data with ease by employing best-in-class data management processes and tools.

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