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We offer expert-led services services and craft market-disruptive solutions, helping insurance brokers enhance business agility, accelerate digitalization, and augment data-driven decision making.

Brokers are critical to the insurance ecosystem. The placement of risk depends on how brokers manage policyholder expectations and leverage their network of carriers. They source potential policyholders and connect them with carrier markets, to serve the risk mitigation and management priorities of business and society.

Xceedance supports brokers in a variety of ways. Deliverables for brokers include building risk clearance and quick-quote systems, rating and pricing engines, certificate management, and agency and policy management systems. Xceedance teams excel at enabling next-generation distribution and digital transformation. Those teams have designed and deployed insurtech offerings to strengthen the policyholder experience, promote business insights, and map the behavior of insureds.

By providing perceptive teams to galvanize broker operations, Xceedance frees broker resources to focus on building stronger relationships with their policyholder and carrier markets.

Our Offerings

Client Relationship Management

Improve the new client onboarding process and bolster risk profiling and engineering.

Insured Management

Drive automation of routine tasks, flagging and escalation of exceptions, and rules-driven workflows for efficient, well-managed operations.

Policy Service

Validate and audit policies, accelerate premium billing and invoicing, quickly issue certificates of insurance (COIs), facilitate mid-term endorsements, and enable bureau submissions.

Claims Management

Drive process efficiencies across FNOL, recording and investigation, on-site inspection, damage evolution, settlement, and payments.

Support Services

Enable timely and effective renewal management, reporting, follow-up, lead management, vendor management, competitive analysis on current to proposed quote, and quote selection.

Custom Application Development

Accelerate bespoke application development to streamline processes, manage data, and drive organizational productivity.

Automation Services

Automate critical insurance processes with Xceedance techno-functional experts, leading-edge automation platforms, and best practices.

Data Management and Insights

Collect, consolidate, enrich, and analyze data with ease by employing best-in-class data management processes and tools.

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