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Risk Management

Life insurance organizations face myriad risks – product design and pricing risk, underwriting and claims adjudication risk, insolvency risk, market risk, credit risk, compliance risk, and more. The company’s future growth strategy, business continuity and reputation rest on the premise that those risks are managed effectively. Life insurers can achieve that by implementing proven control techniques.

Xceedance partners with life insurance companies to identify and assess risks, enhancing compliance and delivering superior business continuity. Our risk consultants evaluate and augment existing risk mitigation strategies and provide end-to-end support for ORSA processes. They work closely with key stakeholders within the organization to assess the adequacy of risk management and drive more in-depth insights into current and prospective solvency positions under various scenarios.

Our services portfolio includes:

Quick checkup of existing risk management

Risk management services (Solvency II, Pillar II)

Solvency II

Identify the main risks

Risk mitigation strategies

ORSA: support in the whole ORSA process

Outsourcing of the risk management function

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