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Strategic Operations Support (SOS) for Underwriting

Minimize and eliminate adverse selection by bringing in a disciplined approach to analyze overlooked losses and identify duplicate claims across multiple accounts

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Most insurance companies struggle with managing underwriters’ time and efforts, affecting premium growth. Strategic Operations Support (SOS) by Xceedance is the answer for insurance companies to ensure all the due diligence and manual tasks are taken care of, and the underwriters are left with only the final decision making. SOS for underwriters uses the 4E framework – expertise, experience, efficacy, and efficiency.

With SOS, insurance companies can ensure all underwriting processes are performed by expert underwriting technicians trained and overseen by industry-leading underwriters and actuaries. They help underwriters with risk assessment, data compilation and analysis, integration of data, and calculation of base premiums. As much as 80% of the underwriting work can be managed by the technicians so underwriters can focus on booking more business and building stronger client relationships.

SOS helps underwriters over-produce by freeing their time and helping insurance companies book more businesses and quoting policies more accurately while ensuring a competitive yet profitable premium. Insurance companies have realized tremendous benefits with SOS for underwriting.

SOS for underwriting supports multiple lines of business, including property, general liability, automotive, marine, homeowners, and more, and is available globally – US, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and other regions.

If you are an insurance company looking to maximize your underwriters’ capacity, download our whitepaper to learn how.

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