SOS is No Cause for Alarm

On the contrary, Strategic Operations Support (SOS) is a lifesaver for the insurance industry’s operational life.

The purview of SOS is the strategic, revenue-generating, service-improving activities across the insurance lifecycle. It allows insurers to partner with — and leverage the competitive advantages of — career insurance specialists for core operational functions and technology enablement, while saving time, resources, and operating costs.


In case you missed it, the future is here. It arrived while you were working with traditional operating models. At the same time, SOS providers were devoting their attention to product development and deployment, underwriting, policy and claims administration, finance, technology and data sciences, regulatory compliance, and more. And the insurers that worked with them were devoting their attention to market opportunities, revenue generation, market share and return on equity, driving up shareholder value, and satisfying policyholders.

Ask yourself these two questions:

1. Are your strategic operations streamlined and sustainable?

2. If not, does your company have the resources to optimize them?

If the answer is no, you’re ready for SOS.


Time is money. It’s also opportunity. And you’re losing both.

SOS creates value by helping insurers actually achieve their target operating models and the functional transformations the entire industry is debating and envisioning. The SOS path to productivity and growth may not be obvious (yet). But it is inevitable. The insurers who recognize it first, will be among the industry’s leaders.

The only ROI is results. And that’s a pretty compelling bottom line.

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