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Print and Distribution

Xceedance offers cost-effective, automated print and distribution services from small print jobs to mass marketing campaigns.

Documents are the cornerstone of policyholder communication for the insurance industry, and every document has an impact on customer service and retention. Xceedance recognizes that effective management of print and document distribution are crucial business processes, even if those workflows are sometimes considered non-core activities. The printing and mailing of insurance documents is all about quality, accuracy, and security. Our equipment includes cutting-edge, high-resolution printers and other equipment to produce the maximum quality documents with consistent, superior color and image resolution.

Flexibility and scalability to refine and improve document output workflow are hallmarks of our solutions. The Xceedance Print and Distribution Services team has vast insurance experience, with a thorough understanding of the importance of documents and the urgency to promptly send them out. We are experts in enabling seamless and responsive processes that allow for more efficient insurance operations for re/insurers, agents, and brokers. With customer-driven SLAs and software-driven quality control, our services are unmatched.

Our Offerings

Onsite Printing

Printing documents for new business, renewal offers, declarations, bills, cancellation notices, claims, and all other types of insurance documents

Mail and Distribution Management

Providing certificate of mailing and certified services for legal documents, tracking daily postage meter by document, pre-sorting and mailing via USPS, and handling exceptions.

Special Handling Requests

Facilitating 2D barcoding for full print-to-envelope automation, handling multiple file types (PDF, Postscript, Word), and color or grayscale printing on a variety of paper types and weights, including oversized documents.

Additional Services

Building streamlined processes for all documents, from printing to delivery to post office with customer-driven SLAs and managing stationery inventory and vendor relationships for stationery supplies.

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