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Claims Services

Xceedance leverages a proven right-shore delivery model and offers global, on-demand claims services to help insurers boost claims efficiency.

Insurance policyholders expect carriers to be responsive, provide hyper-personalized services, and process claims very quickly. An efficient and policyholder-centric claims function is critical to the success of any customer experience transformation initiative.

The importance of robust infrastructure for claims processing and customer support is emphasized even more during catastrophic (cat) events. While carriers cannot always predict how many calls and claims they will receive before, during, and after a cat event, they can ensure the right strategic partners are ready and available on-demand during times of unknown volumes and stress for policyholders. The cost-effective on-demand claims services offered by Xceedance enable insurers to scale their operations, accelerate claim settlement, handle appraisals, resolve queries, and deliver a positive policyholder experience.

Our Offerings

Call Center Solutions

  • Automatic call distribution and interactive voice response call routing
  • CTI and screen-pop
  • Surge support
  • Analytics and reporting

Back Office Solutions

  • First notice of loss
  • Reserving
  • Pre-defined assessment
  • Settlement and closure
  • Audit

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