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On-Demand CAT Modeling Services

On-Demand Cat Modeling Services combine a distinctive community of catastrophe modelers and expert services from Xceedance on the Oasis open-source platform.

Reliable models for exposure management, insightful decision analytics, and customized services are the ways in which Xceedance can provide value for re/insurance organizations. We use the Oasis open-source platform for deploying and running a wide range of catastrophe models — with a full simulation engine, and no restrictions on the choice and work products of participating model developers.

On-demand services are provided with no annual licensing requirements and with the flexibility to choose diverse peril models from a community of expert modeling providers. You can request a single analysis or choose to request several analyses in bulk and in advance. The process is simple and effective: Your organization gives us the data. You tell us the model and the country/peril analyses you want. Then we deliver the model results back to your operation in a pre-determined format.

In-depth alternative view of risk

No annual licensing cost

Pay-per-use commercial model

Zero client infrastructure

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