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Agents and Brokers Services
Xceedance on-demand services for agents and brokers utilize technology to streamline core administrative tasks, including certificate of insurance (COI) management, policy checking, and document management.
Agents and brokers perform many vital administrative tasks through the policy lifecycle in support of their clients. Those responsibilities often occupy a large percentage of their capacity, leaving less time for high-value tasks to grow their business. Resource management can be especially critical during heavy renewal periods, sometimes resulting in backlogs.

The domain and technology experts at Xceedance partner with agents and brokers to optimize critical business workflows, facilitate error-free data management, and enable business scalability — by ensuring seamless communication with policyholders and insurers. Throughout the year or during high activity renewal periods, Xceedance helps agents and brokers manage capacity, focus on business innovation, and strengthen critical policyholder relationships.

Our Offerings

Certificate of Insurance (COI) Management
Creation of COIs and management of COI operations, handling bulk renewal certificates jobs during peak season, managing auto-ID cards, and reviewing endorsements.
Policy Checking
End-to-end policy checks, including checking against all relevant document sources (before customer receipt of policy or policy changes) and reporting and resolving variances.
Document Management and Triaging
Categorization and organization of insurance documents based on priority and document type, indexing and labeling, expedited proposal creation, data and document validation, and folder management.
SME Input and Rating
Endorsement Requests
Accounting Support and Inquiries

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