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Digital Underwriting Assistant

An AI/ML-Powered Loss & Exposure Data Analysis Solution

Commercial insurance carriers and brokers spend hours manually extracting loss runs reports and
exposure data from unstructured PDFs and Excel sheets for underwriting and loss prevention advice,
causing them millions of dollars, delayed processes, and error-prone data analysis.

Xceedance Digital Underwriting Assistant (XDUA) is an AI/ML-powered modern loss and exposure data
analysis solution that automates processing loss run reports and exposure data. It helps insurers/MGAs
do away with the tiring manual process of identifying and extracting unstructured data from different
carrier proprietary systems and storing that in spreadsheets.

XDUA Capabilities/Features

  • Insurers can compare year-over-year submissions and enable quick decision-making
  • Flexibility to change data points manually to incorporate the underwriter’s judgment
  • Multiple checkpoints to ensure data quality
  • Handles subjectivity to incorporate changes when needed
  • Automates and digitizes the insurance application process
  • Improved insights to help underwriters quote faster

Benefits of XDUA include:

  • Improved monitoring and controls
  • Improvement in the quality of underwriting risks
  • Streamlined process flow
  • Automatic allocation of tasks to processors
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • High accuracy of extracted data
  • Automated audit trail
  • Hassle-free transfer of tasks and data from processors to reviewers
  • Detailed claims and Exposures Insights for Underwriters

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