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Automation Services

Xceedance delivers a dependable and scalable automation system, aligned with the client’s strategic insurance processes, to help re/insurers gain a competitive advantage by reducing operational costs, improving efficiency, accuracy, and overall customer experience.

In the age of automation, the insurance industry still handles huge amounts of mundane and repetitive clerical tasks every day. Leveraging automation technologies will free internal resources to use their intellect and creativity to solve higher-order business challenges. Technologies including robotic process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) provide automated solutions for rules-based clerical tasks that do not require decision-making. The use of RPA makes a paradigm shift in the digital transformation of legacy and newer systems that were not feasible previously.

Xceedance offers next-generation, high-ROI, automation solutions that increase throughput and reduce turnaround time across the insurance value chain. Xceedance regularly designs RPA and other automation techniques for policy processing tasks that reduce policy issuance time with considerably improved accuracy. With intelligent automation, underwriters and actuaries working on premium coding, pricing, and financial analysis, can expect a more accurate output at a quicker pace, enabling them to write business faster, with greater precision and visibility on risk parameters.

Our Offerings

Automation Consulting

Assess as-is processes and identify areas for automation, engineer a robust automation solution, select the correct method and platform for automation execution, and ensure tight integration with core systems.

Delivery and Implementation

Extract data from structured and unstructured input, build and deploy RPA bots on multiple platforms, and create user-friendly dashboards to keep stakeholders in the loop.

Predictive Insights

Embed predictive analytics, machine learning and AI across critical business processes to enable intelligent automation and data-driven decision making.

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