Flexible offerings to support your operations that fit within your budget

You can’t do your job effectively if there are holes in your critical processes. Whether you’re experiencing operational gaps or struggling to keep up with the business you are generating, Xceedance is here to provide the staff and technology resources you need to keep your business moving.

Your Challenges

  • Current process/technology is too sensitive to change
  • Claims, reserving and ERM modeling
  • Aggregated risk liabilities
  • Data/process integrity
  • Quarterly and annual reporting
  • Statutory/financial reporting

Our Values

  • Deliver solutions within budgetary constraints
  • Utilize best-practices around processes and data reconciliation

Our Offerings


In addition to determining the actuarial range of reasonable Ultimate L&LAE outcomes and a point estimate, we also take it one step further by providing insights to your team, enhancing pricing, underwriting and claims practices with every reserve review.

Risk Management

We can extend the breadth of tools and resources available to you for assessing aggregated risk liabilities, competitive data and process integrity for reporting on a quarterly and annual basis.

Claim Analytics

Did you know the faster certain claims are paid, the lower the indemnity and expense amounts? Should you expect ultimate L&LAEs to change with the implementation of a new claims system? Would your insured have a different claims experience from one adjuster to another?  We can help provide insights to these questions and so much more.

Financial Reporting

Need an actuarial opinion along with other actuarial reports for domicile state filing? Our credentialed actuaries with expertise in these areas are here to help.

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