We align with your goals to ensure we deliver value that is recognizable on your P&L

We understand your priorities are in maintaining and/or growing your business. That’s why we’ve designed an easy engagement model to make A&A solutions seamlessly integrate into your business. Just talk with us about what you want to accomplish, and we’ll do all the hard work to provide the right solution.

Your Challenges

  • Pricing and portfolio management
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Expense management

Our Values

  • Rightsizing individual premium and portfolio coverages
  • Ascertaining risk tolerance and management
  • Pricing, reserving, and ratemaking strategy alignment
  • Addressing market-specific P&L challenges
  • Leveraging actuarial and analytics to create competitive advantages for your organization

Our Offerings

Business Planning

We work alongside your team to develop a data-driven approach that supports your vision and goals. Connecting actuarial and analytics activities with KPIs and management reports allows for enhanced visibility into your P&L and allows you to steer your business in the right direction.

Product Development

We assist companies in the development, launch, and maintenance of product offerings.

Underwriting and Distribution

We provide insights into the performance of your business by distribution channel. A&A not only supports you from submission to bind, but also dives into submissions that were not bound so you can refine pricing and UW guidelines, as needed.

Portfolio Management

By combining our technology and insights with your data, we can help your organization identify performing segments and recommend actions on other segments in your existing portfolio.

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