Lacking essential resources is one of the most challenging obstacles to productivity and growth. No matter your resource and budget requirements, Xceedance A&A Services can provide the staff and technology enablement to meet your needs.

Your Challenges

  • Limited people and technology resources
  • Limited data to perform empirical analysis
  • Too much time spent managing consultants/vendors
  • Limited budget

Our Values

  • Leveraging the power of big data for business planning
  • Resource-driven results for pricing and reserving strategies
  • Staff enablement and cyclical infrastructure development

Our Offerings

Product Development

We assist companies in the development, launch and maintenance of new product offerings.

Portfolio Management

By combining our technology and insights with your data, we can help your organization identify performing segments and recommend actions on other segments in your existing portfolio.


We help insurers understand dynamic factors that impact pricing strategies, profit realizations, and minimize adverse selection.

Rate Making

We provide tools, technology, advisory and consulting resources to develop rates that are adequate and not inadequate, excessive, or unfairly discriminatory.


From data compilation and determining Ultimate L&LAE to internal discussions with claims, pricing, underwriting, partners, and board members, we’re here to assist your company throughout the reserving cycle.

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