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Simplified BriteCore Implementation with Xceedance

November 10, 2020 | Travis MacMillian

At BriteCon2020, BriteCore Annual User Conference, I had the opportunity to present a session focused on the Xceedance approach to accelerating BriteCore implementations.

In today’s Insurance landscape, insurers understand that their offerings need to be built with the customer as the focal point. A “one size fits all” product or approach simply doesn’t work anymore. Customers have come to expect highly personalized, relevant services and communication from their insurance carrier. Therefore, carriers are continuing to modernize their operations including moving to new core systems.

Core system implementations can be an onerous project that involves significant cost, time, and effort. Insurers need to consider data requirements, scalability, and compliance while integrating new systems with legacy applications and disparate platforms. Moreover, they need to confront the daunting prospect of maintaining data integrity and accuracy while migrating existing business data from legacy applications to modern solutions. The magnitude of the challenges can often be a deterrent toward adopting a digital system like the BriteCore platform.

As an SI partner, Xceedance helps insurers accelerate the time to production for implementations and enhancements of the BriteCore platform. The Xceedance approach to implementing the BriteCore platform is highly agile and dynamic. It takes care of all critical automation and other specialized tasks associated with UI design, migration of existing systems, upgrade management, and optimization of implementation costs. Our deep expertise in P&C insurance coupled with an experienced team of technology professionals allows us to help insurance organizations enjoy hassle-free and streamlined BriteCore suite implementations.

By implementing the BriteCore product suite, insurers can achieve an enhanced user experience, faster time-to-market, reduced implementation costs, robust ROI, and strategic operations support.

Learn more about Xceedance System Integration Services for BriteCore here.

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