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Policy Administration Systems

Xceedance built an in-house platform aligned with client expectations within the optimal time frame, positioning the client for success.

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An American Excess & Surplus Lines insurer utilized disparate Access and Excel systems for its various administrative processes and functions. These siloed systems were incapable of scaling efficiency to address the growing need for reliable and consistent data. The client desired a single system to enhance its claim and underwriting operations and support constructive actuarial analysis. The client had previously engaged another IT consulting firm to implement a commercial off-the-shelf solution that was behind schedule and over budget. The insurer was looking for a highly qualified partner that could implement the COTS solution internally and take over the project to bring it back on track in the context of time and investment constraints. Thus, the insurer sought the services of Xceedance. 

Xceedance developed an in-house platform and facilitated forms implementations. The Xceedance team comprised technology and operations experts that built a custom solution for the client, took ownership of a significant portion of the product backlog, provided solutions for integrating forms implementations with third-party applications, and automated all operational and MIS reports. Xceedance established a Testing Center of Excellence comprising expert claims and policy testers. The testing center adopted a business-driven test management approach and flexible testing techniques. The team delivered more than 1000 forms within six months, achieved a seventy percent reduction in costs, and provided enhancements for over 25 product lines.

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