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On-Demand Claims Services from Xceedance

Leverage the Xceedance proven right-shore delivery model to ensure efficiency and accuracy and augment policyholder care workflows with our multilingual call center teams that address queries on coverage, claims, payment information, and other related requests.

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Policyholders today expect carriers to be more responsive, facilitate customized services, and process claims faster. Therefore, a policyholder-centric and effective claims function is indispensable to the success of customer experience transformation initiatives. To expedite this, claims processing and customer support should be undergirded by a robust infrastructure, especially during catastrophic (CAT) events. The right strategic partner can help carriers be responsive before, during, and after a CAT event, irrespective of the number of calls or claims received. Xceedance on-demand claims services help insurers accelerate claims settlement speeds, manage appraisals effectively, resolve customer queries, and deliver a superior policyholder experience. Accelerated claims settlement will enable faster turnaround times, and our delivery model will provide surge capacity to manage CAT claims in a streamlined manner. Our call center teams leverage advanced scriptwriting and call monitoring tools to enable robust quality assurance. The real-time dashboards and performance monitoring facilitated through our on-demand model enables greater capacity and expense management control. 

Xceedance on-demand services for CAT and fast track claims include call center solutions and back-office solutions. The call center solutions enable automatic call distribution and IVR call routing, call recording and quality assurance, CTI and screen-pop, analytics and reporting, and surge call center support. The back office solutions include FNOL, reserving, pre-defined assessment, settlement and closure, and audit services.

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August 06, 2021